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Scientific publishing and publications are backbone of the modern scientific realm. They set pace, direction and ranks in the global scholarly world. CEMB is leading institute in scholarly publishing from Pakistan. This is a routine practice of CEMB to organize conference, symposia, workshops, training courses etc. to disseminate the information and to gather the international & national scientific community to share the latest developments in matters relevant to scholarly publishing. This event will explore the theme of bringing value in academic publishing and practical solutions for thriving in a changing environment. Building on the theme of “International Scholarly Publishing from Pakistan: Framework for Fast-Paced Progress” the conference will focus on the methods and tools that academic publishers need to cultivate to successfully meet the challenges posed by ongoing challenges in the scholarly communications system. Objectives of this conference includes developing framework of best practices;

• To internationalise the body of scholarly publishing in Pakistan
• To learn and exchange best practices for authentic and rapid growth
• To develop international approaches to supporting the research publishing enterprise

Hopefully, this conference will provide the platform to all key stakeholders including scientists, researchers and journals’ editors to discuss the advancements in academic publishing and sparking a discussion on development national framework for scientific publishing from Pakistan, which in turn, may earn Pakistan a significant raise in global science ranking and claim its share in international publishing market of $25 billion/year.